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Healthy Workplaces are Good for Business.

Indoor workplaces that are free of airborne allergens, germs, and VOCs contribute to optimal employee performance, productivity, and happiness.

Effective, Safe & Affordable Whole-Office Air Purification System

Plasma Air offers a comprehensive indoor air quality solution for office buildings where employees are exposed to dangerous and irritating pollutants such as germs, volatile organic compounds, odors, dust, pollen, and mold.

Maintaining optimal indoor air quality in workplaces can reduce absenteeism, improve work performance and enhance productivity. In addition, by utlizing ASHRAE's IAQ Procedure, engineers can save office building owners significant energy and equipment costs by reducing outside air intake. 

Cut Outdoor Air Intake by up to 75%
Neutralizes allergens to reduce asthma, headaches, eye irritation, and sinus issues
Removes airborne bacteria and viruses to help prevent illness
Decrease Ongoing Energy Usage by up to 30%
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Plasma Air bipolar ionizers easily incorporate into new or existing office buildings, reducing energy consumption and providing a healthy, productive environment for employees. Plasma Air products can be built to suit any building configuration, use less energy than a light bulb, and require little to no maintenance.

  • VRF units have a limited ability to process outside air; they are just not designed to handle a great deal of outside ventilation air, as required by code. This is where the Plasma Air solution comes in. What Plasma Air allows you to do is reduce the amount of outside air while maintaining acceptable indoor air quality.

    -Thomas Pisarek, Owner
    Pisarek Engineering, New Jersey
  • WellAir’s strong foundation in healthcare and established footprint in commercial, hospitality, entertainment and residential markets made them the right choice to provide a safe, effective and easy-to-install solution.

    -One Vanderbilt
    SL Green Realty Corp; New York, NY
  • Offering our tenants and employees healthy indoor environments is one of our top priorities. We're excited to partner with WellAir / Plasma Air for airborne infection control devices at many of our buildings.

    -55 E Monroe
    Glenstar, Chicago IL
  • WellAir’s Plasma Air products have served as a great tool to treat our highly trafficked areas such as fitness centers and conference rooms.

    -Peachtree Center
    Banyan Street Capital; Atlanta, GA

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